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    Neca eos omnes. Deus suos agnoscet.

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    Not so sure about that rear band, no pic of the front. Actually a very rare code to find in matching condition, mine is a front band mismatch but everything else matches.
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    In early 2008 I found a BMM 37 Luby on GB. The GI who brought it back gouged out the swastikas and abused the rifle. The bore was smooth and the stock was banged up but what I was looking for was a K98k that was not an RC I could put one of the virgin in the white Norwegian K98k 308 barrels on.

    The stock was so bad I sanded it but since it was to be a shooter in 308 I preferred sanded over horrible

    No one wanted the rifle which had a start bid of $175 and no takers so I offered $175 if he included the shipping and he took the offer

    It was the last project I worked on with my old Mauser smith who passed the nest year (09) and I did most of the labor as he was fading fast
    It is an excellent shooter and will never have a monetary value that compares with my personal value.
    The bolt is an early matching Oberndorf
    It will be the last K98k I own on the day I die

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