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Thread: 7 Pistols ..2 Years of Waiting

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    Me too ..I wouldn't have expected that either
    "If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law. "
    -Winston Churchill-

    "Do we really need 'Smart Bombs' to drop on these Dumb Bastards ? "
    -PFC Snuffy Smith-

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    Default Missouri Laws

    Before term limits the democrats controled Missouri. We like to never got ccw passed. It passed three times and the Dem. governor vetoed it. The last time there were enough Republicans to override his veto. Then we finally got a Republican governor and legislature. Then we got out of the dark ages. That was the main reason I got a C&R. So I didn't have to go get a permit everytime I wanted to buy a handgun. I bet the dems are still POed they let term limits pass. But now we get some turn over in the legislature. Just what we need in DC too. Missouri was a high crime state in the 30s and keep a lot of outdated laws until the last few years. Thats what happens when one party controls the state too long.

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