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Thread: Czech ZH 29

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    Default ZH sight

    Hi Jon: Perhaps you refer to the ZB 26 machine gun? I don't know if it had the same sight, though. Apparently the ZH 26 went on to become the Bren gun when the Brits got through with it. Perhaps the Holek brothers were role models for Stoner? They were thinking of a weapons system, apparently. The front sight might be different on the lot that went to Ethipoia, or so I've been told, but I could be wrong, I often am.
    I checked the rear sight and my confusion increasesd when I noted the rear sight is canted to the left of the receiver. I'm sure it all makes perfect sense, but it's certainly new to me. The barrel must be canted as well, and this is likely a result of the offset bolt mechanism.
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    Lightbulb ZH 29 sights

    I found this post abought the sights for the ZH 29 while reading another forum:

    "The ZH29 had several unusual features, even by today’s standards. The bolt locked into the left side of the receiver, as opposed to the top or symmetrically into both sides. The barrel was fixed slightly out of square with the receiver, though it is not immediately obvious with the continuous shroud over it. However, you can see that the rear sight is offset to one side, while the front sight is also slightly off center."

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    Thumbs up ZH29 Info required

    Hi All from sunny South Africa
    I too am particularly particularly partial to Czech hardware and am currently privileged to be the custodian of a few really nice items - ZB30 (Ethiopian contract with crest and lion on rear upper receiver), ZGB33, VZ52/57 LMG, VZ25 etc.
    I am currently chasing a ZH29 in really nice condition but don't know it's origin as it has no crest on the receiver where I would have expected to find one. I suspect it is a WW2 bring-back from Ethiopia (we have/had no military connections with China or Persia) but am keen to find out how one IDs the different contract pieces.
    Any info will be appreciated
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    That is a cool peice of hardware.

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    Default ZH 29

    I recently read about a fellow who (says he) contacted the factory, where the records are still intact, and he was told that a total of 510 ZH 29's were made. Period! The order for 500 were assembled for Manchuria (soon to be Manchukuo), during 1928, 29, 30, 31. This was the only contract for the ZH 29. The company records are complete, acc. to the source. There is no crest on mine, nor have I seen any ZH 29 with a crest.

    The extra 10 were probably given, sold to potential customers. I have seen a picture of what appears to be an African woman holding what appears to be a ZH29, and like others, thought they had been sent to Ethiopia and Siam as well as Manchuria. Not so, according to the factory. Unless the source was a liar, which I doubt, it fits my information. Mine was one of the 10(?) found at a Jap Naval yard after the war, and I know of 2 others from the same source. I have not personally called the factory. yet. Opinions?
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    Default ZH29

    There's a ZH29 for sale on the latest RIA Firearms Auction. It is #10169, appears to be in excellent shape. They put a pretty high value on it. Nice example.

    RIA says the Japanese bought ZH29s prior to the war, etc. Who knows? Manchuria seems the more likely buyer to me. Mine is #10209. Think RIA is looking for $20,500 (?). It's listed in their internet catalog as ZH29...........check it out.
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    Default ZH29 on RIA sale

    Anybody know what the ZH29 sold for on the RIA sale within the last week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sepp44 View Post
    Anybody know what the ZH29 sold for on the RIA sale within the last week?
    Price estimate was $14,000- $22,000. Price realized was $12,650.

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