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Thread: Refinishing A Stock

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    thanks for all the input. i'm leaning towards not doing it now after reading some accounts of problems elsewhere. i don't want to risk permanently damaging my stocks because i don't know what i'm doing

    EDIT: nevermind. it's gonna bug me if i don't try it. went out and got the stuff today
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    Have you ever used tung oil? What does blo stand for? I have one of those polish g43 stocks and finished the outside with polyurethane mainly because the bottom of the butt stock came with a crack that snags. Its hardly noticable but I want to treat the inside and the rear with something.

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    Tung oil is a favorite among those who refinish furniture. BLO = Boiled Linseed Oil [I do not use it] / Howards works well // The interior of stocks and hand guards were left raw / Now a reproduction stock, WHY NOT
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