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Thread: My Form 1 SBR Semi Auto PPSH/ MP41 (r) almost done!!

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    Default My Form 1 SBR Semi Auto PPSH/ MP41 (r) almost done!!

    I dont think I have shard this build with you guys yet ,

    It started off as a real clean single saw cut parts kit ,( the nose cone and shroud were intact ). Ive seen the other kits that have the shroud all cut to hell and my welding and fab work isnt up to that kind of work ..

    I bought a HBA Receiver repair section , with blocking bars ( No full auto bolt or lower will fit this gun ) .The lower is semi only and before any work was started I did another form 1 and waited ..On this one it wasnt too bad , right about 45 days .Then my tax stamp showed up .

    Then the receiver was tig welded ,and because Im a fan of Axis guns I went and bought the Royal Tiger MP40 magwell conversion and 9mm addition I plan to blank adapt it and 9mm blanks are alot cheaper 7.62

    I might have mentioned that I am an apprentice gun smith ,) but my teacher did me a real big favor and rust blued the upper for me and it came out great ..Looks like that vintage military finish ..

    Im gonna put the bolt/striker and lower in the next few days ..

    anyways just wanted to share my MP41(r) clone with yall

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    Please post more photos when it is complete.
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    Now that is impressive!!!!

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    Very nice work! It should make a good shooter.
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