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Thread: WW2 German Troop Entertainment Radios

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    I think that all of this type of German radios used battries. Yours will not work on any commercial/house current?
    All of mine are made to work on battery, 220 house current and I think some are also 110.
    They were intended to be useable where ever the troops were.

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    Siemens Radio (on the left) had a power supply but , not all radios had them and some only used batteries. So not all could use household current or 220. The other example you have is a "Nora" ..and out of 4 Military Versions produced pre 45 , only one had a power supply ---Here is more on mine --

    If you hit this link and Scroll down to " WEHRMACHT TROOPS ENTERTAINMENT RECEIVERS (1939-1945) " can see a list of all German Entertainment Radios with links for pictures & schematics
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