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Thread: M3 37mm Anti-tank gun

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    I believe the US M3 37mm anti-tank gun is an underrated piece. Although it did little against the German armor in the ETO it was heavily used by the Marines in the PTO. It was very useful against the thin skinned Japanese armor and was a very effective anti-personal weapon when used with canister shot.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Ken C.

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    Well, the 37mm was still used till V-J day and beyond in the Stuarts, Amtanks, Staghound armoured cars, and towed versions. and 2/41 Armored Infantry, 2nd Armored div used surplus M6 Fargo TD Mounts in their M2 Halftracks at Normandy. I believe the British even tried a Littlejohn adapter for it. M5 Stuarts were used in Indochina, Lebanese Staghounds with 37mm were used in the 1976 civil war.

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