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    Here it is. I'm very picky about wood to metal fit, and overall aesthetic appeal. To me, and trust me I don't know shit about 03's, this rifle is unmessed with since it was US arsenal rebuilt, 1912 at the earliest, 1916 at the latest. The barrel is 8-12, but of course that doesn't mean it was rebuilt in 12. The serial puts it at extreme late 07/early 08. I would call this a hybrid of 1906 to 1913. I believe it was overhauled early and got the single recoil lug "s" stock and handguard, but the stock still has the early square receiver cuts instead of gentle slope cuts, and rebarreled. The safety lug on the bolt is "C" marked which would be early 1908'ish. The remaining finish is what I would typically find on a g98 that's unmessed with, a nice even brownish blue. The metal has not been refinished. I wish I knew what to take pics of, but again, it's not covered in serial numbers like a German rifle. Please, anyone with input let me know what they think. The bore is 90%+.
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