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Thread: Gew 98 Before/After

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    Default Gew 98 Before/After

    I am a WWI/WWII reenactor, and had been looking for a nice Gew.98. I recently found a deal on an Gew 98 off of GB. It is a Mauser Obendorf 1918 that has seen service with the Turks. It has a replacement late war/ turkish stock with the take down in the butt, and I was hoping to use it for 1914 thru 1918 events so I pulled the barrel and got the reciever back in the white, and the search was on for one of the earlier stocks with the unit disc in the stock. Found one at Numrich, it was a snug fit, and I had to drill the hole for the bayonet lug pin, and a hole for the screw for the stock disc, and I got a stock disc from IMA.


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    Default G98

    Nicely done

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    thats really nice to see. thanx for sharing, and enjoy.
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