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    Having asked for advice on my M1917 US Enfield;The general consensus seems to be "hold on to her."OK she's a mixed breed with minor aging problems, but the intrinsic value seems to outweigh any apparant monetary value. Overall the common denominator is her age, her place in history, and the fact that those who own one call her a strong shooter regardless of her age I have had her 25 years, so she stays. I might say the same for my Lee Enfield #4 MK1 All Brit 303 The single fact that makes her a bit unusual is that she was Lend Lease to turkey This is evidenced by the stacking arm, and the small crescent on the receiver.Additionally I am very hesitant to let her go since winning a local match with her.Some would call that heartless treason This brings me to the (2) 91/30s. Valuable? No they're all too common, and together I might get $200.00 They are both C&R correct and in VG condition. I suppose if I were to put them both together,along with a little cash, I might be able to add to my Enfields, or get that shot gun I was thinking of.Albeit I might be able to latch onto the Norinco version of a scatter gun dating back to the Doughboys. Not C&R in itself, but all the appearances of History I'm sure you would agree. Anyhow I will be making this decision very soon Any thoughts

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    Have we seen pictures of your rifles???

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    No David not on this site, but I'll put up some pics of them very soon

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