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Thread: Swedish 'LAHTI' 'Danish Brigade' Pistol

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    Default Swedish 'LAHTI' 'Danish Brigade' Pistol

    Enjoy this Swedish version of the 'LAHTI' pistol.. Known in Swedish service as the M-40 & a scarce box of Swedish M-39b 9mm Ammo....
    In 1945 the Danish Brigade which was in exile in Sweden left to go back to Denmark they were armed with 1000 Swedish M-40 pistols, all these pistols carried Swedish Army acceptance stamps of SS for Inspector Captian Sten Stenmo.. After WW2 these pistols were given to the Danish police and marked Rplt. (RIGSPOLITI)..:::As my pistol is marked:::... After the war additional batchs of M-40 pistols were delievered to the Danish police; approx. 10,000, these had a 'D' prefix in the serial number for Denmark, and too were marked Rplt...Again enjoy this well made and well traveled pistol...BILL
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    Very nice, I'm surprised someone hasn't called these rarely encountered guns "SS" pistols
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