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Thread: British Staghound armoured car

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    Default British Staghound armoured car

    Here's a 1/35 scale commission job I completed today. The kit is by Italeri, the figure by Ultracast and the stowed items by Legend.

    Considering it's my first armoured vehicle and figure project in about 30 years, I'm quite pleased with the results.

    Modelling magazines also proved invaluable in providing helpful tips.

    Mike S.
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    Once again your work is just superb.
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    Mike ...that's fantastic !!

    How long did it take you ?
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    Gents, Thanks for the nice comments.

    G'day Mike. After the kit gathered dust in my garage for about 4 years, the build took a couple of months. I have two Sherman Fireflys and a German Puma armoured car now awaiting attention.

    Mike S.

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